Think Out Side the Box -10 Non-Traditional Career Options Everyone Needs to Consider

When asked what she wants to become when she grows up, my three-year-old Ellie would simply answer with “a rock star,” a response that would usually elicit giggles from amused adults. My mother-in-law was not as entertained when she got this same answer one family dinner. When my daughter tried to explain that she wanted to sing and play the guitar in front of a huge audience, grandma gave out a disapproving frown and said “that’s great, Ellie, but you will need a real job someday.”

This got me thinking: what does “a real job” even mean? As a young girl, I was told to study hard so I can become anyone I wanted. Of course, this advice only made me fantasise about being a professional beauty queen or working as a mermaid in an ocean park or cleaning wishing wells in the circus so I can keep all the coins. Sometimes, I think Ellie is becoming too much like her mother.

For my parents, however, becoming anyone I wanted meant becoming one of the following: a lawyer, a teacher, an engineer or a doctor. The limited choices laid out in front of me led me to pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. But after working for a big construction firm for four years, earning an above-average salary and still feeling unhappy, I began to question my choices. I left my job so I can have the opportunity to carefully think out what I really wanted to do with my life.

Two years later, here I am, working as a freelance graphic designer. I’ve never been happier. This career has given me everything I have ever dreamed of: freedom, money, the opportunity to share my creative skills and most importantly, time for my Ellie. On the side, I get to teach yoga and maintain a set of blogs that include my main website, Think Out.

It is understandable that most people feel hesitant to choose a different career path than what is conventional, what is accepted and what is considered by many as “real.” But finding your true vocation and being truly happy with what you do requires you to think out of the box. I mean, if you want to be a lawyer, go ahead. If you feel like your true calling is being a teacher, by all means, become a teacher. In the same manner, if you are enthusiastic about dancing or doing other people’s make-up, you owe it to yourself to chase these after these passions.

Below, I have listed a few outside-the-box jobs that could give you an idea about the endless range of available possibilities as far as career options are concerned.

1. Graphic Designer
Think OutAs a graphic artist myself, I recommend this career choice for anyone who is skilled in visual design. Graphic designers are needed in many fields including television, print and advertising. This is a challenging job, but it also comes with many rewards.






http://www.think-out.ch2. Freelance Writer
Freelance writers are in demand nowadays. Fields such as education, business, travel and leisure, and internet marketing are in need of people to create content for them. Have a way with words? Make a career out of this rare talent.




3. Professional Gambler
Yes, professional gambling is a real career – a fun, exiting and well-paying one. I know someone who made about EUR 500,000 on his first year as a professional online blackjack gambler. And the best part? Whatever income he earned is non-taxable.

However, be warned. Professional gambling is not as easy as it seems, and whilst you may read about stories in the press about full time professional gamblers making a decent living, the actual numbers of full time pro’s is relatively small. Whilst It is not as easy as it seems, though, as it requires brain power, good judgment, experience and a lot of practice. This also means you will have to be ready to lose – a lot.

www.think-out.ch4. Social Media Consultant
It is hard to find a business that does not have social media presence these days. Sadly, not all business owners are familiar with Facebook, Instagram and other social networking platforms. This is where Social Media Consultants come in. From setting up Twitter accounts to managing posts, these experts make sure their clients are taking good advantage of this free form of marketing.

5. Travel Blogger
If getting paid to travel sounds good to you, then this is something you should do. It’s quite simple: visit interesting places, document it and make use of an endless list of money-making opportunities for bloggers.

6. Photographer
There are so many choices for photographers out there. Weddings, family portraits, events, travel sports and fashion are only some of the categories from which camera-wielding artists can choose. From holding an exhibit to teaching to selling stock images – the possibilities are endless for photographers.

7. Language Tutor
More and more people are becoming interested in learning a second language. Teaching people how to converse in a language you already speak is not only easy, it also pays well.

8. Fitness Trainer
The world needs more fitness specialists. Whether you are an expert in yoga, Pilates, martial arts or any other type of exercise, you will do the world a favour by turning your passion for fitness into a career.

9. Film Critique
Most of us like movies and most of us like to think out loud and give our two cents about the script, the acting and the overall quality of the films we watch. Why not get paid for it?

10. Personal Shopper
Shopping is therapeutic, in my opinion, even if you’re not actually buying for yourself. I am sure most women will agree with this. Take advantage of your good fashion taste and earn a decent income from this fun, fancy profession.

Do you agree with this list? Think Out is a blog that encourages the free flow of discussion and discourse. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the comments section below. I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and that it helped you consider your next career strategies. Don’t stop being awesome and never forget to think out of the box!